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Design & variety
It all begins with the wedi building board

The wedi building board is so much more than just an item of building material. It combines a number of impressive properties in one product.

From moisture-protection to heat insulation and a high level of functionality as a supporting material for tiles and other coverings. It offers previously unimagined possibilities.

What’s more, in the hands of a skilled tradesman, it is also an extraordinary design medium whose shapes and applications appear to know no borders. The strengths of the wedi building board are particularly evident in renovation projects.

It is available in different thicknesses and has become a genuine all-rounder because it is so flexible and easy to process.

Whether it is being used as a carrier material on a wall, to clad old substructures and pipes, as a substructure system on the floor, or used to create bathroom furniture, for example, each shape, however sophisticated it is, can be produced individually with wedi building boards.

Moreover, the unique surface structure of wedi building boards forms an ideal adhesive substrate on which to apply plaster, tile adhesive or other materials.

Everyone has come across them - old bathrooms in need of refurbishment, often with half-tiled walls. Since the 1970s tiles have been increasingly laid using the thin-bed procedure. Most of the tiles laid during that time were between 4mm and 6mm thick. And this is precisely the area of application for the wedi building board with a thickness of 4mm or 6mm.

Apply the tile adhesive to the entire surface of the existing wall and comb it with a small notched trowel.
Position the wedi building board BA 04 or BA 06 and press it on.
Additionally secure the boards with wedi dowels (5 dowels per square metre).
Seal the building board joints and the area where the building boards/ old tiled sur face meet with joint reinforcement tape. In areas of splashed water apply waterproof sealing tape.

Our building board combines quality craftsmanship with technical perfection wherever it is used.

Designs using wedi building board provide a sound economic basis for the builder and easy handling for the installer with neat end results.

wedi building boards are light, very solid and waterproof and they also provide thermal insulation and a vapour barrier.

Their surface structure forms the ideal base for fixing tiles in thin bed mor tar and for applying plaster or render. The wedisteck® system, tailor-made for the building boards, is a helpful fixing aid and, in combination with tile adhesive and reinforced webbing, ensures lasting bonding.

If the old tiled surface is also to be covered with building boards, the BA 10 mm is perfectly adequate.
  • Apply tile adhesive to the entire old load-bearing tiled surface to create a contact layer.
  • Make the cut-outs for pipes and fittings and apply dabs of mortar onto the upper part of the wall in the correct arrangement. Then apply tile adhesive to the entire surface of the lower part of the wall.
  • Place the wedi building board 10 mm against the wall at an angle, press on firmly, align it and secure the upper section with dowels: seal the building board joints with joint reinforcement tape/ waterproof sealing tape.

Check wooden floors for uneven areas and level them off if required.

Fix the wedi building board onto the concrete floor by applying cement based tile adhesive over the entire surface.

Seal the building board joints and the joints between the building boards and the walls with waterproof sealing tape.

Fix the wedi building board with Phillips screws and wedi washers in addition to applying adhesive to the entire surface (5 fixing points for every square metre; corresponding to eight fixing points per building board).

The fixing points and all the building board joints should be sealed using wedi water-proof sealing tape before joint reinforcement tape is applied across the whole surface.

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